Do not throw away your robots, entrust them to us!

Who has never been touched by the robot recycling centers of science fiction works? In "The Robots" by Isaac Asimov, A.I., Alita, and more ...

RobotsRescue is the world's first robot refuge, a specialized resource center that accommodates all domestic or assistance robots, in good condition or damaged.

We are not traders, we are technicians passionate about robotics and we believe that a robot, even old or in bad shape, has the right to a new chance: We look after them and pamper them. Then, the youngest and most vigorous are offered for adoption.

The less brave robots enjoy a well-deserved retirement on our premises. Each of our residents goes out at least once a day. But let's face it, some become organ donors, and the less fortunate are recycled ...

Send us your robots!

Are your robots too old, broken or in need of too much care? Don't throw them away! Give them a new family or a well-deserved retirement: Contact us !